Monat: September 2015

Medgidia Stadium


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The stadium in Medgidia, which is also known as Iftimie Ilisei Stadium (named after a“legendary“ mayor during comunism era), was opened in 1978 and holds more than 30’000 people. However, the stadium has very few seats, which mandatory for First Division stadiums. In a portrait the newspaper „Adevărul“ describes Ilisei as a „non-orthodox comunist“. The stadium itself is part of a sport complex. This complex contains a sports hall, an indoor swim centre, tennis courts and several training grounds. The city’s football team CSM Medgidia never played in Divizia A, so the big matches stadium held can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In 1979 Romania national under-16 team played France, followed by a match by a match against Czechoslovakia in 1983.  The under-21 team played three times in Medgidia, 1988 against Albania and 2002 against Ucraine and Greece. The local football team Cimentul respectively Progresul played Romania’s top flights three time in the Cup – 1981: Dinamo Bucharest, 1983: Steaua Bucharest, 1989: Dinamo Bucharest. Today the stadium is not abandoned, but not in use. Nicolae Păun, the Director of Public and Private Areas,  said the city just has enough money to protect the stadium from decay.